Way Through is both the personal music project of Upset the Rhythm boss Christopher Tipton and his collaborator Claire Titley, and the conduit for their mutual fascination with indigenous punk, English folklore and meandering psychogeographies. If this is setting off ‘obscure vanity project’ alarm bells then fear not; their second proper album, ‘Clapper Is Still’, might be one of the most intelligent contemporary folk records you’ll hear all year.

Each track is a site-specific treasure, composed of field recordings and gathered notes that bring the olfactory and atmospheric nature of a history-steeped wilderness into each swimming guitar riff. And there are serious tunes too, pastoral punk racket, whimsical rounds and the blinding ‘Henry’s Son’, which could be a lost Smiths classic. It’s a unique endeavour towards a new folk sound, full of ragged audioscapes in which footsteps, vocals, guitar fuzz and birdsong all take equal place.


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