After 2012’s soft and tender ‘The Year of No Returning’, Chicago songwriter Ezra Furman has furrowed a more rebellious path with a blend of old rock’n’roll, folk, pop and punk held together by his deranged snarl on ‘Day of the Dog’.

A confusing listen, it’s similar to a game of roulette, with the result sometimes going your way (like on opener ‘I Wanna Destroy Myself’, which is frantic and invigorating), but more often not (Furman’s bark quickly loses its bite, with ‘And Maybe God Is A Train’ sounding like a Buddy Holly tribute act). The album’s title track, meanwhile, is a dead ringer for a Lennon ballad, and a pretty good one.

And yet while Ezra Furman hasn’t successfully reinvented himself here, his grittier moments suggest that it might not be too long until he does. After all, he’s been pretty much averaging an album a year since 2007.


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