Proponents of C86 “shambling”, The Spook School aren’t archetypes of a sound that, for all its merits, has a recent habit of overplaying gimmicks. Instead, this Edinburgh quintet deliver their debut with refreshing conviction.

Beneath the album’s optimistic exterior is a narrative that explores gender issues and sexuality, evinced in opener ‘Are You Who You Think You Are?’, a playful but considered take on the subject at hand. Despite their ‘twee’ personae, The Spook School aren’t afraid of making noise: it’s invaded by the same punk-tinged petulance of The Shop Assistants, while ‘I Don’t Know’ has all the youthful vigour of The Buzzcocks in their prime.

Taking us back to indie-pop’s pinnacle, this is music for the young and disillusioned, but identifiable to anyone who’s ever been frustrated by the grievances of identity and growing up; noisy and honest, ‘Dress Up’ sits comfortably among some of the best of their ilk.