Daniel Avery is a former record store clerk, current Fabric resident and clearly a man of refined taste. And now, discovered by Erol Alkan and hyped as a next big thing by Andy Weatherall, he’s trying to condense all his favourite records into his own debut. Accordingly, we get ‘Exit Planet Dust’-era Chemicals intermeshed with ‘Rez’-era Underworld, among plenty of other nods towards electronic greats, but sadly without the energy or intensity of either.

Avery’s DJ sets are sprawling, trippy affairs, but while his debut has similar aims, the medium lets him down – where he can spend several hours in a club establishing a mesmerising acid house monster, the enforced brevity of an album, coupled with Avery’s magpie approach, means he never dwells anywhere long enough to build a head of steam. Individual tracks, particularly the insistent, darkly sexy ‘All I Need’, hint at his sharp ear for propulsive, addictive dance music but, taken as a whole, ‘Drone Logic’ makes for a darting, restless listen.


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