On ‘In The Silence’, Ásgeir Trausti is tasked with repurposing a debut album that proved so overwhelmingly popular in the country of his birth that it is now owned by 1 in 10 of the Icelandic population. Essentially an English language version of last year’s ‘Dýrð í dauðaþögn’, his attempt to break into the Anglophone market is an exercise in mellow electronic pop and middle of the road folk that will have the marketing execs who paired the Sony Bravia with Jose Gonzalez’s acoustic wistfulness rubbing their hands.

The compositional insipidness is bolstered by the banality of its nauseatingly hollow lines and although the language barrier likely has a part to play, it’s difficult to ascribe any meaning whatsoever to a sentence like ‘hope and faith give me back my joy’. This emotional vagueness and general aura of inoffensiveness, however, should help ensure that ‘In The Silence’ fills quite a few stockings this Christmas.


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