Released on Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood imprint, Will Ozanne’s second full-length is one for the wee small hours. Though it’s reflective, ‘Invisible In Your City’ channels its melancholy into hooks and grooves that ensure the collection comes off as uplifting rather than self-indulgent or morose. It’s a sumptuous concoction of chopped-up pianos, post-dubstep beats and haunting echo chamber vocals, making use of a pallet of sounds drawn on by the likes of James Blake and, more recently, Deptford Goth.

The vocal delivery and melody on the lead single and title track recalls the delicate future pop of Twin Shadow, while other highlights include the sultrily spectral duet with Lulu James, ‘Why Didn’t You Call?’, and the heartbreaking ‘Up The Downs’. Softer than its predecessor but infinitely more focused, this LP propels Gang Colours up from the status of underground electronic curio and towards the realisation of a significant future soul talent.


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