If previous album ‘Your Mercury’ taught us anything, it’s that Teeth of the Sea aren’t afraid of diving into their churning, self-made gloom without an escape route. Content to muddle around dense melodies, electronic murk, foundation-shaking pulses and ragged Mariachi trumpet, third album ‘Master’ is another opaque collection of weighty, ever-evolving landscapes.

From the static, dead tones and creepy spoken word interludes of ‘The Servant’ to the fragmented, hacked noise of ‘Black Strategy’, the dark mist regularly descends. On ‘Reaper’ it’s channelled into a rolling electronic storm of duelling robot guitar battles and stadium rock grandstanding but hits with a metal weight and dropped-chord drama on the shredded thrash of ‘Pleiades Underground_Inexorable Master’. Tense, intrepid and wilfully impenetrable, ‘Master’ is an album built on gargantuan guile and no end of grit, but buried amongst the tumult, ‘Siren Spectre’ is a titanic piece of music of a different measure.

The brief oasis of calm in an otherwise violent sea, it’s a beautifully orchestrated, cinematic score that delicately floats on those doleful Mariachi melodies before crashing to another glorious end.


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