Miracle’s debut album, inspired, its two creators say, by 1987 vampire movie Lost Boys, consists of eight overtly gothic synth pop numbers and one 10-minute end credit instrumental made up of a bossa nova beat and foggy chords. You’ll be begging for the latter within three tracks of the former.

‘Mercury’ gets off to an attention-snatching start. It’s resolutely retro but ‘Good Love’ shares the same noir-ish danger of leather cap Depeche Mode. ‘Something Is Wrong’ then pulls in a bit of Fleetwood Mac, which somehow works amongst the dry ice, but it features a chorus that conjures up the ’80s one big dank afternoon, which grounds the track but also siphons out any potential joy. Everything that follows falls somewhere between the two, eventually suffering from the album’s single pace, overly long songs and a vampiric vocal cry that’s long had its day. It just goes on, and where Lost Boys essentially dines out on nostalgia in 2013, ‘Mercury’ is largely beyond the benefit of the doubt.


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