In the four years since Au Revoir Simone last put a record out, the all-conquering, 80s-obsessed soundtrack to Drive has assumed the role of indie’s tastemaker general, Kraftwerk have re-emerged from the shadows of record-shop cool to play festival headline slots usually reserved for chugging guitars, and consequently the Brooklyn trio have had their own pristine synth retronica sympathetically framed without twiddling a single knob. All of which is rather convenient: in the current climate, Au Revoir Simone’s more emotionally wrought songwriting and furrowed vocal delivery is even more affecting.

‘Crazy’ and ‘Somebody Who’ both fizz along with the melodic punch of a high-school movie title theme, all indie-pop yearning with cyborg skin, and while sporadic near-instrumental numbers feel a little loose amid the sophisticated and perfectly paced pop elsewhere, ‘Move In Spectrums’ remains a neat, satisfyingly cool return.


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