Back in 2010, Seams’ ‘Nightcycles’ had us purring in appreciation. Those light, languid rhythms and deft touch promised much and three years on ‘Quarters’ delivers. A beat-driven set of contrasts, it’s a debut that finds a misty balance between crisp beats and understated tempo. From the skittish urgency and grand build of ‘Hurry Guests’ to the persistently melodic techno opus of ‘Rilo’, the tracklist plays out effortlessly, regularly flickering into life as it does on the broken glitch-melodies of ‘Iceblerg’ or easing through the busy programming and delicious ‘Mandarin Girl’ breakdown on ‘Constants’.

It’s a constant impetus that owes much to James Welch’s current home in Berlin where the city’s dancefloor insistence is felt in every subtle beat. And where he was once focused on squeezing concepts, here James deals in energy, crafting it around the measured space in which ‘Quarters’ really thrives. At just eight tracks, it might feel like a lightweight listen in terms of listings but this is a heavyweight debut where it counts.


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