Islet might well baulk at the ‘cult band’ tag, but with their years of shunning social media, an unhurried approach to formal releases and a fervent, compact fanbase at their backs, that assumption isn’t too far from the truth. Second LP ‘Released By The Movement’ finds the Cardiff natives strengthening the blood-tied bonds which made debut ‘Illuminated People’ such an immersive listen, with Mark sharing squalling, hypnotic vocals with wife Emma on opener ‘Triangulation Station’, while bro JT teases out unruly undulating guitar progressions.

Elsewhere bassist Alex Williams slaps a thick trip-hop lick across near-seven-minute marsh-stomp ‘Citrus Peel’, the extra-humid atmospherics a result of bedroom recordings with co-producer Sweet Baboo. Nine tracks of wildly varying length suggests this might be Islet’s first proper stab at a full-on pop record, and ‘Mirror Me’s delirious chattering, clacking percussion and wispy guitar hooks hit the sweetest spot on an album of hugely compulsive depth and charm.


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