It doesn’t seem as if success (or rather acclaim) has gone to Poliça’s heads; this sophomore LP follows hot on the heels of their debut, ‘Give You the Ghost’, released just eighteen months ago and lapped up by fans of progressive dub pop and RnB.

With their disarmingly potent live shows already well-established (who needs guitars when you’ve got two drumkits?), the Minneapolis band formed around Gayngs’ mastermind Ryan Olson and singer Channy Leaneagh don’t tread too far from their debut album’s palette of synths, beats and overt autotune here, although on the playfully bouncy ‘Trippin’ and the opening ‘Chain My Name’ (the band’s take on oscillating disco) they’re certainly more upbeat than at any time on the eternally bruised ‘Give You The Ghost’. Leaneagh is clearly still working through some stuff, though, more gun-hoe than before but still treading a line drawn from nervous uncertainty (‘I Need $’ and ‘Smug’) to downright menace (the slithering ‘Very Cruel’).

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon makes good on his lavish praise of the band, too, with a guest vocal on lead single ‘Tiff’, although a band already so confident in their sonic approach scarcely need interference from elsewhere. Poliça are already fast approaching a mastery of creating atmospheres that are at once both powerful and delicate, with ‘Shulamith’ serving as a hugely promising statement of intent.


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