Music rolls with the seasons. Winter is all about the cold beats and novelty parps. Spring gets all up in your grill with some hip young things. Summer, well, summer is all about the good times, isn’t it. But then it gets to autumn. Autumn doesn’t really have a sound. What autumn needs is something a bit sad, but also a little bit happy. What autumn needs is His Clancyness.

‘Vicious’, the first album by Bologna based plucker Jonathan Clancy, recreates that sad feeling of knowing you should be wearing a jumper but fighting the power by standing tall in your tee, because in your head, the sun will stay out longer if you’re not wearing knitwear. The record is all fuzzy and jangly and melancholic, just like autumn should be, and if it doesn’t persuade you to pack away your thermals, I don’t know what will.