Once simply an incredibly popular Syrian wedding singer and purveyor of traditional music souped up to head spinning levels, Oman Souleyman has now been adopted by an Alt. set (Caribou / Björk) and is likely to be found at SXSW, or ATP or in the vicinity of some other indie acronym. This is no bad thing as the occasional bolt from a totally other sonic planet is generally good for everyone and ‘Wenu Wenu’, Souleyman’s first proper studio release, is as intense as that kind of experience comes.

Relentless, squalling Zurna melodies pipe crazily over thumping beats and Souleyman’s own impassioned cry. Four Tet genius Kieran Hebden produces, although what that brings to the table I’m not sure, other than a new polish that might not be that positive. This is not domestic music. It’s insane dance party music. Do not listen at home because you might turn it off and that would be a shame.


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