Menace Beach sign to Memphis Industries. Listen to a new track here



Leeds super group Menace Beach (the rolling cast that revolves around duel vocalists Ryan Needham and Liza Webster includes MJ from Hookworms, Nestor Matthews of Sky Larkin, Robert Lee of Pulled Apart By Horses, Matt Spalding and, very occasionally, Paul Draper, ex-Mansun) have signed a deal with Memphis Industries.

First to come from the new partnership is a five-track EP called ‘Lowtalker’, released 13 January 2013, and this, ‘Where I Come From’, is the first track to come from it.

Needham says of the new record:

“If, lyrically, the first load of songs we did were a document of losing it again, being ill, moving cities, and all that comes with that, then I guess the songs on Lowtalker are about the aftermath of that; getting better, making friends and trying to reconnect mentally and spiritually. I feel like there’s a lot of positivity on there”.