Modern psychedelia is a funny little thing. The majority of groups waving the good flag psych are nothing more than 21st Century guitar noodlers, more bothered about drum echoes and concept albums than freak outs and narcotics. Larry Gus is different to these closest Genesis fans; Larry Gus makes psychedelia that’s actually pretty psychedelic. ‘Years Not Living’, his first major release, is all fluffy and floaty and strange, just like psych-pop should be.

It sounds a bit like the future too, like something the rich people would listen to in that Matt Damon film about wealthy people living inside a big Frisbee in the sky. Most importantly though, the record helps you forget about that pile of ironing you’ve got to do, or those dishes that have been lingering in the sink for far too long, and if that’s not the true purpose of the psychedelia, then I don’t know what is.


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