There’s no escaping it, New York City’s Ejecta are a dead ringer for Yazoo. They’re a boy-girl duo – just like their early-80s equivalents – and they make the sort of rubbery synthpop that the Basildon pair pretty much pioneered. Similarly, the relationship of Leanne Macomber (Neon Indian) and Joel Ford (Tigercity) blossomed whilst on a joint tour with their separate bands, but in contrast they’re no forward-thinkers. In fact, their debut album is a sugary re-revival of foppish electro: the same well-versed nostalgia that spawned La Roux and Little Boots in 2009.

Worryingly, there’s a niggling feeling that nothing on ‘Dominae’ is ear-worming enough to make them as successful just four years on. Sure, ‘Mistress’ is a universal tale of heartbreak fit for a retro nightclub, but while it could bob happily alongside OMD in a room full of angular-haired pretenders in stonewash jackets, it seems that this specific past-affection is rather too recent to resuscitate.


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