This collaboration between Juliana Hatfield and Nada Surf’s Matthew Caws sounds exactly as one might expect it to: crammed with understated melody, tied together with a refrained approach and softly delivered vocals that create a cocoon of warmth via some lushly delivered production. However, it’s also largely lifeless. It floats and drifts on by – albeit harmoniously and pleasantly – in a fleeting, almost forgetful manner, becoming a hazy blur of soft, dissipating indie-rock-pop. It’s not without its moments, but they are brief.

Ultimately, there is a bulging gap left via a distinct lack of, well, songs, and there are moments that are uncomfortably dull and so ordinary it just becomes tiresome. Perhaps most frustrating is that neither artist here seems to feel the need to challenge what they themselves expected to create when making such a collaborative album.


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