There’s a static, mangled hiss that distorts the opening ‘Woodcutter’ to the point that it almost feels intentionally suppressive and disparaging of the flurrying, melodic undercurrent that attempts to glide below. It’s an opening track that challenges any listener’s arrival at the record, which is perhaps a fitting emblem for Blood Sport as a whole.

‘Life in Units’, the band’s debut album, is a glorious fusion of opposing forces: charging, African- ensconced rhythms that lock into endless, melody-imbued grooves wrangle with seething, disputatious antagonism that come via contorted, electrical fault vocals, guitars that scatter and scythe, and drums that switch from tribal to kraut to disco in the twitch of a tom.

With Blood Sport, who call this sound aggro-beat, you never quite know if they’re here to start the party or to destroy it. Which, of course, is what makes them so fantastic.


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