We’ve been told time and time again by cliché driven sports reporters that football is a “game of two halves”, but what about albums? ‘My Friend Fish’, the debut LP by Foxygen tub-thumper Shaun Fleming, aka Diane Coffee, is just that.

The first five songs here recreate all that was good about the ’60s (the swirls, twirls and cosmic pearls), whilst the second half highlights all that was bad about the supposedly acid fuelled decade. By slowing it all down to walking pace the music gains a sickly sort of sincerity, and no one wants a sincere acid trip. It’s a shame really – in this digital age most other bands have forgotten how to make proper albums, with two distinct sides and all that, so whilst it’s patchy, maybe ‘My Friend Fish’ should be applauded for having a go. Just make sure both sides are decent next time, Shaun.


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