Heavenly Beat is the solo project of Beach Fossils bassist John Pena. His second album, ‘Prominence’, sounds like something introspectively created – solitary and private – its vocals like whispers captured by a secret Dictaphone. Unlike his group endeavours it’s lighter, more overtly danceable and tingling with steel drums, classical guitar, and stuttering wood block percussion that owes a debt to Phoenix, via the Kings of Convenience, via Ariel Pink’s ghostly tape deck aesthetic.

The monosyllabic track titles (‘Honest’, ‘Thin’, ‘Forever’) hark at a darker mood but the overall sonic effect is sunny – if a little on one level. If you’re resisting the oncoming season of big jumpers and hotpot, then this record – from the bright picked notes of ‘Lengths’ to the brass crescendo of the title track – is like an attractive person in Ray-bans passing you bottle after bottle of lime spiked, frosty beer.


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