As the instantly-gripping name suggests, the debut album by these French surf-pop connoisseurs is an out-of-control waltzer of zany ideas that wouldn’t sound out of place reverberating around Buffalo Bill’s bone-chilling “skin suit” dungeon. Although that’s not to say that a Silence of the Lambs remake is the only place for La Femme’s occasionally creepy breed of psychedelic retro-futurism, because, as early single ‘Sur La Planche’ shows, they have an enviable knack for a playful and joyous melody.

The chic, 60s-influenced ‘Antitaxi’ could be Portland’s Wampire if they spent their summer on Biarritz beach listening to The Ventures, while ‘It’s Time To Wake Up (2023)’ nods to the Velvet Underground & Nico by way of hedonistic Parisians The Teenagers. Elsewhere they can be cold and hypnotic, like on ‘Interlude’ / ‘Hypsoline’, but it does them no favours. Ultimately, this odd collective are far more appealing when they’re at their giddiest, yelping in their mother tongue and doing their best to make you do “The Swim” around your bedroom.


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