Slowdive’s Neil Halstead makes up a third of this new project (along with Mark Van Hoen and Nick Holton), and the result, as title and reputation demands, is a varied, softly psychedelic voyage that floats between Stereolab-like pop-drones and Spiritualized-like psych lullabies. Occasionally ‘Stars Are Our Home’ feels somewhat scattered and inconsistent – seemingly due to the equal songwriting input of all three members – but there is also an overwhelming consistency and richly rewarding focus here.

A density hangs in the record, too, clouding and imbuing it, be it with hazy, spacey, mushy guitar tones or a production that clings to the tone of the record like an inescapable fog. It’s a record that skips between the minimal charm of a deserted beach at dawn and the thrashing, engulfing motions of the ocean that laps at its shore.