The debut LP from Matthew Daniel Siskin contains three instruments: the New Yorker’s splintered vocal chords, his buzzing, barely-tuned acoustic guitar, and, crucially, the room in which it was created. The last element gives ‘Trust’ the raw, ineffable power of a live performance, with the space’s ghostly echoes suggesting a hushed silence. The intimate atmospherics add punch to a collection of songs that come together as an up front and poignant confessional on the breakdown of a relationship and a meditation on the reliability of human connections; of other people and of the singer himself. The fractured imagism of the lyrics is studded with beautiful details throughout, as he zooms in on lips, hands and mouths, and the range of dynamics elicited from each of the six strings available to him means that Siskin’s music stays interesting despite its sparseness, from the bruising aggression of ‘Schemes’ to the autumn-coloured gentleness of ‘You Are Truth’ and the jewel in ‘Trust’’s crown, the heart breaking lullaby ‘Rooftops’.


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