Psapp, if you didn’t know, were somewhat responsible for the genesis of ‘toytronica’, a slightly peculiar variation of electronica that employs toys and toy instruments to make sound. It may come as no surprise, then, that even with a considerably less electronic sound, and more of a propensity for recording vocalist Galia Durant’s snores or milk-laden cows than anything else, ‘What Makes Us Glow’ still suffers at the hands of its own disposition to flee from realism.

Ever the able creatives, the duo channel quirky lyricism and almost-tribal rhythms with palpable relish, and though this can be enticing at first, Psapp struggle to maintain any marked force behind their music – the only real exception here being the wholesome, twitchy album closer ‘In and Out’, whose rich layers of sound hint at the (yet to be properly tapped) talents of these playful Londoners.


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