As Rachel Aggs barks, “Want something / Need something / BUY!” on ‘Consumer Complaints’’ taunting, closing ‘Theme’, the pang of utter shame obliterates any you’ve felt when being called a sinner, not a winner, at Oxford Circus. It’s like your dad finding your fags and making you smoke the pack in front of him. TOUGH love! Aggs, once the voice of similarly clanky DIY punk trio Trash Kit, is a direct preacher, blurting a flat honk square in your face that’s angry to be heard, completely.

This kind of Prinzhorn Dance School approach is paired with baggy, post-punk guitars that make Aggs’ decidedly unimpressed yelp dance about the place, like Radio 4 hopping across the desperate east London landscape with The Raincoats. At times the riffs are even effective enough to eclipse the scissors-n-glue aesthetic of this anti-pop band, on tracks like ‘For Your Money’ and ‘In Other Words’; stark, bouncy post-punk that serves as a reminder that before NYC punk-funk was co-opted shortly after ‘Take Me Out’ charted, it really was the most thrilling of underdogs.


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