Piecing together the facts, Bryce Hackford is a 29-year-old, NYC-dwelling upstart with a creative writing degree and an impressive list of collaborations to his name. As well as being a visual artist and DJ, Hackford has carved out the time to make ‘Fair’, his debut release of experimental recordings that form a kind of love letter to Detroit house, warehouse parties and the artistic run-ins that have shaped the past six years of his life.

The first four tracks are snappier, messier Bushwick crackcident soundscapes; ‘Another Fantasy’ is 9 minutes of mono-slab-smashing repetition while ‘I Want More’ bubbles with organ arpeggios and metallic incantations. The best parts, however, are when Hackford braves languorous duration, creating space in which your mind can slow down and become totally enveloped in a fawning, throbbing, almost noise that dips, rises and crumbles around you. ‘Modern Propeller Music’ and ‘Run-on Cirrus’ both exceed 20 minutes and are exhilarating, whether you’re at that kind of party or not.


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