Pitchfork’s description of Debukas – or John Clark, when he’s at home – as a ‘Glaswegian upstart’ suggests some kind of rogue quality to his sound; in truth, there’s nothing particularly revolutionary about the poppy blend of house and techno that’s characterised the three EPs he’s released to date. There’s flashes of excellence on this debut full-length (‘Shake’’s layering of sampled vocals over interlocking synths, the choppy, downtempo ‘South’ and the shimmering slow burner of closer ‘Tape Symphony’) but little in the way of fresh ideas.

Clark seems to be playing with a fairly limited sonic palette; some of the record’s beats are monotonous in their similarity, as evidenced by the meandering ‘Rings’, as well as the strangely subdued title track. In an already overcrowded scene, ‘I Am Machinery’ simply isn’t forward thinking enough to warrant serious attention.


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