It doesn’t seem particularly sunny in The KVB’s world. The gloomy brainchild of one Klaus Von Barrel that has since evolved to include Kat Day, their debut is a 32 minute hit of lip-curling apathy and gloriously bleak, reverb-drenched shoegaze. Fans of similarly intense doom-mongers will find much to mordantly love (see inevitable Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnymen mentions) but that doesn’t stop ‘Minus One’ wearing its black heart on its sleeve.

There’s a brilliant basement quality to opener ‘Again and Again’, its, raw, vacuous production and chunky bass-lines hinting at the duo’s wilfully subterranean sound whilst ‘Something Inside’ lets Klaus’ atonal vocal swim in the space and minimalism; his lyrics elongated into groans of aching disinterest. ‘Radiant Hour’ sounds off like an Interpol rough cut (before the suits, obviously) but beneath the indifference and morose waves of distortion, there’s something very promising lurking amongst The KVB’s murk.


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