Apparently, Leeds quartet imp have written over 250 songs. Being prolific isn’t everything though. The fifteen songs that feature on their debut album make for a very confusing listen – a relentless spin on a roundabout that disorientates and dazes.

‘Moon Coastal Maine’ frantically rotates between bombastic spacey rock songs with choruses that evoke horrid memories of pop punk bands (‘Don’t Melt’ and ‘Soul Destroyer’), unoriginal synth pop tracks (‘Salad Days’) and daft instrumentals. The title track, however, shows that imp aren’t a complete lost cause, as it waltzes along pleasantly sounding like a stripped back MGMT nugget. Judging by ‘Moon Coastal Maine’, someone needs to acquaint imp with the old ‘quality over quantity’ adage, because this disjointed and rushed album, for all of its good natured ideas, is surprisingly bland.


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