In our modern times of globally synchronised release dates, it’s pleasingly anachronistic that this, New War’s debut, has actually been out in their native Australia for over a year. The band’s schedule is not their only endearingly old-school trait either: ‘New War’ is indebted to molasses-thick, 70s-doused heavy rock records, all Satanic riffs and snarling harmonics, with lyrics that implore you to “sacrifice your head” and song after song starting with tumbling drums that recall John Bonham’s precision chaos.

Indeed, Steve Masterson’s drumming here is the star turn – slithering, muscular and, on nine-minute/one-chord album highlight ‘Ghostwalking’, plain intimidating, it creates an impressive glue that binds the album. Moments break from the retro mould – ‘Revealer’’s insistent disco bass evokes a haunted-house iteration of The Rapture – but the band are at their most impressive with heads down, rocking out – a thankfully timeless delight.


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