Best known as Caribou’s drummer, Brad Weber is also a producer and musician of considerable note, and this debut record is the culmination of a project that has been running for five years. It’s a record of expansive beats and layered sound; opener ‘Lucid in Fjords’ is urgent yet submerged, upbeat yet tinged with vocal sadness, the soundtrack to a fast-forwarded city crowd scene. But while this whole album has an accomplished and skilful feel, there is little particularly groundbreaking about the focal beats, as exquisitely constructed as they are.

‘Pick a Piper’ feels like a very clean record; not sterile, but slick and pure. ‘All Her Colours’ has echoes of Hot chip, ‘Once Were Leaves’ channels Warpaint, but ultimately it never really engages with you fully. Instead we’re left floating on its surface, conscious of but not absorbed in its layered musical tapestry.


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