Before Drive helped catapult Cliff Martinez to wider, Gosling-fuelled recognition, the former Captain Beefheart and Red Hot Chilli Peppers drummer had already done a pretty brilliant line of cinematic soundtracks, including Traffic and NARC, but a decade on, Solaris remains his masterpiece; a haunting, space odyssey that weaves its way amongst the psychodrama and synthetic memories of Chris Kelvin.

Using a symphonic orchestra to help blow out the nebula panorama, it’s a dynamic that gives ‘Can I Sit Next To You’ its Apollo-eqsue gravitas, but the real beauty lies in the steel drums that permeate the score. Finding their darker side, Martinez plays on the minimal and understated, allowing ‘Don’t Blow It’ to bloom into low frequency life with a warmth and resonance that contrasts to the cold, black void of space.

Elsewhere, the all-sensory ambience of ‘First Sleep’ and the gentle random access memory flicker of ‘Will She Come Back’ only serve to pull you further into a timeless soundtrack of disorientated, fragmented introspection. Timeless.

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