Secret Boyfriend is the solo project of North Carolina’s Ryan Martin, who is also one half of Boyzone, but not that Boyzone. I’d say! Martin intently sabotages his almost melodies on this debut that mixes mope-folk and dark electronics with a heavy-handed use of radio static, busy, shit drum machines and a murmur that is fleetingly audible on ‘Glint And Glow’ and ‘Have You Heard About This House?’ and yet is strangely more alluring when practically unlistenable once these tangible ‘songs’ finally show up.

‘This Is Always Where You’ve Lived’ is clearly a noise experiment more than anything else, and yet even within that difficult sphere it lacks any sense of structure, best shown between ‘Silvering The Wing’ (a lost Radio Dept. demo) and ‘Deleted Hill’ (an 8 minute tussle between a piano and dripping tap).


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