It’s come around again, that special time of year, that magical period full of joy and oh so much excitement. I’m talking about flu season of course. Fever dreaming the nights away, believing that Noel Edmonds is sat in your living room and that the shadow in the corner is looking at you a bit funny. There’s nothing better than it.

Vex Ruffin transforms fever dreams into music. Scratch that – Vex Ruffin is a fever dream. His debut LP takes you through the dark and dingy pits of funk and post punk, creating a sometimes hard to understand cocktail of illness. It’s not always great fun, but it is always 100% fucked up, which is better than being boring, right? So next time, kids, don’t take your Calpol, let Vex Ruffin take you on a fever dream adventure. I mean, it is the season for it.


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