And so Jamie Stewart continues his almost annual habit of releasing a new Xiu Xiu record. As always, the bile is dialled up to eleven with the goal seemingly be to simply shock, disorientate and dislocate whoever has the misfortune to play the role of listener.

I don’t want to put words in mouths, of course, but it doesn’t seem too risky to say that Stewart and Co. (Angela Seo has been Xiu Xiu’s other half since 2009, yet it really remains a Stewart endeavor) would like to challenge us. Ideally, their music will invert our idea of art and force us to ask ourselves some very difficult existential questions regarding the world around us.

However, rather than causing me to confront anything, ‘Black Dick’’s chorus of ‘Black dick, black dick, black dick,’ makes me feel uncomfortable for all the wrong reasons. It makes me cringe and it makes me want to spit out my food (a bit like I’m A Celebrity…, you shouldn’t eat with this album on) and laugh out loud. I can only assume that this wasn’t the intended reaction.


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