Missouri-born singer Angel Olsen sounds quite unbelievable on her second LP. Her rickety coo is more flawless than ever, her songwriting is defiantly more eclectic than it was throughout the acoustic porch songs of ‘Half Way Home’ and those abrasive punk roots – which prompted one reviewer of her performance in Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s backing band to describe her as “blood-curdling” – are laid bare through a string of charged-up ditties.

Needless to say, ‘Burn Your Fire For No Witness’ is exceptional fare throughout; ‘Unfucktheworld’ flits between Moldy Peaches’ innocent allure and Vera Lynn’s timeless warble, recalling her more primitive, reverb-shrouded ‘Strange Cacti’ EP, while ‘Forgiven/Forgotten’ sees her flash her fangs with exactly the sort of instantaneous ear-assault that Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast strives for time and time again with mixed results. Even better is ‘Hi-Five’, which is a stoned shot of sun-blemished rock’n’roll that lollops like a big, silly St. Bernard in the woods, before beautiful closer ‘Windows’ paints an acute and emotionally wrought portrait.


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