When Peggy Sue first emerged in 2007, their then full-name, Peggy Sue and the Pirates, came with negatively twee implications. It wasn’t long, however, until the band redefined their moniker and sound (a predilection for traditional folk and the glowing whir of alt-rock) and shook off the shackles off their cloying beginnings.

‘Choir of Echoes’ is a heightened continuation of that. It inclines towards a more mature vision in both sound and context, but carries on their aptitude for melody, at times sounding more ‘surfy’ than usual. Single ‘Idle’ – an ode to the dole – has an opening and closing part akin to that of a troubled gospel song, which remains an underlying theme throughout. Claimed to be an album about singing, it’s this emphasis on voices and the variations thereof that makes this record stand out as the bands finest to date.


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