Big Ups’ debut album serves as a thrilling history lesson in American punk. The New York four-piece met whilst studying about Cat 5 cables, but judging by ‘Eighteen Hours of Static’ they have decided to throw their tech manuals out of the window and instead play really sludgy rock music.

Opener ‘Body Parts’ is tense and taut like an elastic band that has been pulled back, whilst ‘Goes Black’ springs loose channelling the Descendants’ at their noisiest, and later ‘Fresh Meat’ and ‘Fine Line’ sound like the result of a Pissed Jeans and The Jesus Lizard’s love child. This debut album is fast, frantic and furious, but it is ‘Wool’, the only song that clocks in over two minutes, that is the real ace in their pack, as it builds to an invigorating climax and shows these punks don’t just fire songs out at a zillion miles per hour while convincingly aping Fugazi and Double Dagger.


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