When I think of the word ‘quilt’ – not that I do that often – I specifically think of America, the 1970s and, as a result, The Wonder Years. New York trio Quilt get it, even if you don’t – they make triple harmony, out-of-town, shamelessly vintage sounding, 60s-hangover, purist guitar music that could only have ever come from the United States. They make gently stoned, counter culture pop for brown paneled station wagons, which somehow will forever sound autumnal even when they planned for it to be summer music.

Where Brooklyn campfire band Woods are the Pitchfork Generation’s answer to Neil Young, Quilt are its Byrds, viewed through the flicker of a Super 8. They are cool, which is why they’ve signed to Mexican Summer, but coyly so, seemingly only really concerned in keeping the sepia melodies going. They are very, very good.


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