So this is weird… Prince is playing in Lianne LaHavas’ front room



We’ve just been sent this information and had to read it twice for it to make any sense.

Starting from 3 February 2014, Prince will play a string of London shows to support the debut album from 3RDEYEGIRL, his all-female band, which, of course, isn’t all-female, because Prince is in it.

The really weird bit comes from the fact that while the surprise shows will be in undisclosed “iconic venues” in and around the city, the first will be in the front room of singer Lianne LaHavas. Apparently the two have kept in touch ever since they met at Prince’s Paisley Park Studio last year. When Prince told LaHavas he was planning on coming to London she offered her house as a location for a press conference (totally as a joke), and he accepted. Mad right? Like giving away an album with The Mail On Sunday.

This is all we know so far. And yes, we’re still using that shot of Prince because it’s still the best one out there.