Flicking through the latest edition of the Official Cockney Rhyming Slang Dictionary (something I do with great regularity), I came across the phrase ‘Morgan Delt’, which apparently means ‘melt’, as in: “Would you mind Morgan Delting that cheese for me. I love Morgan Delted cheese”. Incidentally for this Morgan Delt of Los Angeles, melting is exactly what his music does, all over the floor and out of the door.

The tunes on his debut album are so trippy they make make Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd seem a bit pedestrian, which is a big claim, but rock monsters need taking down a peg or two every now and then and this self-titled album does a half decent job of that. The guitars drip around all over without a hint of prog over indulgence, just like psych pop should do, and this concise nature is MD’s true gift. There’s not a chance anyone will be playing Dungeons & Dragons to this, and thank God for that. Prog rock died long ago, let’s not attempt a resurrection.