Dum Dum Girls’ Dee Dee Penny reckons she “let the muse loose” on this, the project’s third album. It’s a big claim but, having shed band members and regrouped since 2011’s ‘Only In Dreams’, it’s Penny’s best work yet. Where that album proffered nods towards the likes of Mazzy Star and the Pretenders, ‘Too True’ calls on Siouxsie, Robert Smith and the Cocteau Twins for inspiration. It’s smarter, sassier, and more coherent and it feels as though Penny might finally have found her true sound.

Highlights are lead single ‘Lost Boys and Girls Club’, with its funereal bass drum beat and fractured, distorted guitar motif, and the nonchalant, dry-ice post-punk of ‘Rimbaud Eyes’. Elsewhere, ‘Are You Okay’ recalls the weaving, tumbling layered vocals of Elizabeth Fraser, while ‘Evil Blooms’ takes the Scottish singer’s unearthly style and sets it to a thumping, propulsive beat and Marr-esque guitar lines. It also benefits from the superbly pithy refrain, “Why be good? Be beautiful and sad, it’s all you’ve ever had.”