Brooklyn trio Hospitality took far too long to get their self-titled debut album out; a failure that meant that after considerable Web hype in 2009, most people will probably think this the band’s first. It’s been a speedy turn-around since that LP, and the stop-start structure of the opening ‘Nightingale’ is no subtle hint of what’s to come. Vocalist Amber Papini, who sounds like Karen O’s tougher, older sister, is rather inspired; sultry on ‘Going Out’, dramatic on ‘Rockets and Jets’.

Instrumentally, the band have branched out towards more expansive territory, with spacey synths and meandering guitars scattered throughout, especially on the sprawling standout ‘Last Words’. You’re bound to have heard more original records than this in 2013, but Hospitality make enough smart nods to some obvious references to suggest they’re not going anywhere just yet.


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