Pitched somewhere between Band of Horses, Foals and Yeasayer, Patterns are a band who clearly have a vision of what they want to achieve. On ‘Blood’ there is something mildly euphoric about the many-layered headrush of sound and the driving rhythms pushing the song forward. It’s highly crafted, intelligent music with an electronic gloss; music that both hangs in and illuminates the darkness like the northern lights.

‘Waking Lines’ is a million miles from meat’n’potatoes indie rock, but despite its moments of shimmering beauty and its attempts to reach for something extraordinary, it’s a record that ultimately disappoints. It feels insubstantial, and at times impactless; by the end the flood has become a trickle, the band’s grip on your soul loosens and falls away, and the sameness of one track following another leads the album into a musical cul-de-sac.


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