As progressive as we might think the landscape of contemporary music is, it’s not until someone pipes up in the plainest terms that you realise what a Micky Mouse operation it is. We can learn nothing from Disney Channel alumni whose messages of emancipation are twerked rather than tweaked – we need people like Jam (formerly Janine) Rostron to take definitions further and queer the pitch, as she does literally on her third album of straight-from-the-heart, four-to-the-floor killers.

Much like John Maus, whose ‘Rights for Gays’ beats a comparative path, Rostron knows that the best way to get your message across is to embrace the language of capitalism i.e. an instantaneous, hook heavy soundtrack crammed with messages that stick fast in your head; gender’s just a lie and fall in love with whoever you want to are the blazons of her campaign. The Judith Butler of the electronic underground calls for Public Love Respect over effervescing sub bass and skittering beats, while also darkening her euphoric message with a sense of struggle via the electronic caterwaul and scramble of ‘Mysogyny Drop Dead’ and ‘Beyond Binary Binds’.

On this record, PLANNINGTOROCK boldly fulfils its potential, heads up the charge and doles out the kind of revolutionary anthemics we need right now and in the days to come.


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