The opening few guitar-drenched bars of ‘Cheetahs’ hit you like a wave and leave you belly up on a stony beach, staring into the aged eyes of early nineties alternative guitar rock. This debut album from the London-based four-piece is an unsubtle but perfectly executed homage to the past.

Even on first listen everything feels naggingly familiar, walking in the knackered shoes of shoegaze. ‘Northern Exposure’ is a brutally loud guitar assault, with indistinct vocals and a slacker guitar trope on fast-forward, while bright melodies battle their way through the fuzz to emerge gasping for air at the surface. Much of this record bludgeons your senses like being stood in front of a wall of amps, buffeted by blasts of vibrating air, but while the epic ‘The Swan’ is melts into an indistinct, echoing kaleidoscope of sound, such highpoints merely mask how backwards looking this album is.


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