After a 17 year absence from music, luminary/black hole of London’s acid-noise underground, Shock Records founder and author of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Companion (Titan), Stefan Jaworzyn has returned to plug in his Moog, restart the label and dig through a basement of cobwebbed tape reels.

These home recordings from 1982 conjure a world of Mary Whitehouse and industrial implosion in lurid greyscale, the sonic cousin of William Bennett’s Whitehouse which Jaworzyn joined in 1990. This came after the breakup of his trippily disturbing minimalists Skullflower and a thankfully short-lived resolution never to play guitar again. With ne’er a redemptive breakdown or pleasant note in earshot, ‘Drained of Connotation’ proves that his rejectionist energy was in full flow well before Skullflower got going.

Serrated analogue sequences share an airless space with drum programs that rap like teeth on a cell wall in a series drained of any vocals, song structures or guitars. The ascetic atmosphere, totalitarian in the way of early Cabaret Voltaire or Swans, invites a heap of austere mental pictures and seditious sentiment but it’s simultaneously a humane and playful record, with slower numbers like ‘I Am Not Going To Make This Mistake Again’ and ‘Psychoanalytically Speaking, You’re Fucked’ carrying a particularly meditative weight.