Wanting to be known solely for his fiddling with patchwork electronics (and the gluing of them into pieces of almost-decipherable music), Patten isn’t exactly forthcoming with information about himself. The camera-shy Londoner’s latest LP, obtusely named ‘ESTOILE NAIANT’, however, is the opposite of self-effacing: a sharply focused, almost overconfident selection of electronics, which sees the disjointed feel that underwrote much of his debut largely dealt with.

Listen to tracks as demanding and downright arrogant as ‘Agen’, where even the most obtuse clashes of ambience and percussion beget only clean lines, and it’s clear Patten has perfected the knack of making the relentless and the difficult slide down easily. Whether plumbing the icy soundscapes of Rustie’s ‘Glass Swords’, the wonky lopes that characterised much of Hopkins’ ‘Immunity’, or carving out his own shapes, placing clicks, whirs, synths and a palette of other tangential sounds over trademark flurries of drumming, everything about ‘ESTOILE NAIANT’ feels like an exercise in drawing out elegance from the densest complexity.


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