One would be forgiven for feeling trepidatious about a new record from The Verve’s Nick McCabe and Simon Jones. After The Verve’s final album of cod-totemic bullshit and a realisation that their finest work was now twenty years old, a new album of sprawling bombast from two 40-somethings – albeit one free of Dickie Ashcroft’s messianic warbling – is not exactly on everyone’s Christmas list. But against all odds, ‘New Shores’ is actually a rather enthralling record of sprawling bombast: full of icy vocals from newcomer Amelia Tucker, twinkling McCabe trademark guitars, big dubby bass and even bigger strings, it carries its own considerable weight with a reassuring confidence.

That’s not to say there isn’t a fair amount of bloat here too: several songs could lose their final couple of minutes of infinitely stretched guitar noodle, and a couple of others could disappear altogether. The bulk, though, is a treat of swaggering, psychedelic rock that hints at The Verve’s earliest work, and there’s no reason to fear that.


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